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Continuum is inspiring, smart, luxurious and unlike any other rental property in Boston. 

We're excited to offer ORI, modular furniture systems developed by MIT Media Lab, seamlessly integrated into our apartments. Want to live in an ORI residence? Sign up today to get on the list.

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ORI is leading the way for the future of city living, rethinking the way we organize urban dwellings. ORI furniture effortlessly glides across the floor transforming our luxury studios into smart, one-bedroom apartments at the touch of a button.

Ori modular furniture systems allow you to:

  • Triple the usage of a given space
  • Maximize storage space & minimize clutter
  • Customize lighting, finishes, materials and colors
  • Transform your space with the touch of a button
  • Connect to smart devices & smart-home systems 

See how ORI effortlessly transforms any space.

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